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5 Best Bike Taglines In Asia

A good product cannot be successful without efficient marketing and this goes for everything right from electronics to vehicles. When a manufacturer invests so heavily in developing a product, they also spend a hell lot of money on the product’s marketing and their marketing departments always try to come up with attention-grabbing taglines. Some taglines are good while some are bad. Here is a list of the 5 best bike taglines in Asia.

5) TVS Apache, Racing DNA Unleashed – The Apache is a very performance-oriented motorcycle from TVS and the company wants to portray the bike’s sporty intentions with the help of this tagline. The tagline also reflects on the bike’s styling which is quite sporty without being over-the-top. We feel TVS has hit the nail right on the target with this tagline for the Apache.

4) Hero Splendor, Fill it, Shut it, Forget it – The Hero Splendor has been one of the best-selling bikes the Asian two-wheeler market has ever seen. This motorcycle is not known for performance or sportiness, rather it is known for its amazing fuel efficiency and hassle-free ownership experience. Really, when you have a Hero Splendor, you just have to ‘fill it, shut it, forget it’!

3) Honda CBR150R, Taste First Blood – The Honda CBR150R is the younger sibling of the CBR250R and both of these are performance-centric bikes. The CBR250R provides great performance but if you are a novice, then Honda wants you to try out the CBR150R. You can experience a blend of sportiness and performance with this fully-faired bike and it is a great start for those who are entering the bikers’ world and want to start out with something easy before moving onto a proper sports bikes.

2) Bajaj Pulsar, Definitely Male – The Bajaj Pulsar has also been a great seller in the two-wheeler market. Bajaj has introduced various versions of the bike but one thing is common among all of them right from the 135 LS to the 200 NS that all of them are very ‘manly’ in their styling features and are definitely targeted at the younger and middle-age generations.

1) Yamaha R15, Racing Instinct – The Yamaha R15 oozes of sportiness and it looks very good. The styling is derived from the elderly Yamaha R1 and the manufacturer has surely hit the right chords with buyers. The R15 also delivers good performance to keep up with its styling and overall the bike gives out great appeal. We can’t wait to see how the next-generation R15 ups the racing instinct!