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Impulse 250 Not Coming As Hero Can’t Alter The Bike [Scoop]

Contrary to rumours, Hero MotoCorp will not launch any new version of the Impulse as the company can’t alter the bike, due their agreement with Honda. The Impulse is sold by Honda in Brazil as the NXR Bros 150.

Hero stopped production of the Impulse quite some time back due to poor demand

You read it first on Annotorious. Hero MotoCorp will not launch a 250cc version of the Impulse even though there have been multiple rumours suggesting a more powerful version of the dirt bike is on the cards. Hero themselves said about their plans of launching a more powerful version of the Impulse but the company can’t alter the mechanicals of the Impulse as per their agreement with Honda. The Maestro, Passion xPro, Ignitor and Impulse are the products given by Honda to Hero post the break-up of the joint venture. The term of supply was that Hero cannot make any mechanical changes to the aforementioned four bikes.

Thus, if one remember correctly, there were rumours of these four products being discontinued. While Hero will continue selling these four bikes till new emission norms kick in, the company will not make any changes to them, except altering colours and giving them new stickers. Production of the Impulse was stopped long time back but there are still many dealers with inventory of this dirt bike. Looking at the poor demand of the Impulse, Hero dealers aren’t interested in the Impulse anymore but they don’t have to worry as there is no new Impulse coming.

This news might break the hearts of off-road enthusiasts who had faith in Hero and Hero alone to give them an affordable off-road machine but fret not as Hero’s MD, Pawan Munjal has confirmed plans of launching multiple category of products on the same platform. This means that an off-road bike would eventually be launched but would be entirely developed by Hero in conjunction with its technical partners. With KTM also planning to bring Adventure bikes to Asia, Hero is very likely to launch a performance off-roader although the timeline of the same isn’t clear.

The Hero Impulse is the only affordable off-road bike in Asia

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