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Yamaha To Sell Both Old & New FZ Alongside, We Compare Both

Yamaha Asia launched the FZ-16 in 2008 and the bike took off with a thunderous start. One of the company’s most popular bikes in recent times, the FZ was long due for a significant update after six years and the Japanese manufacturer truly did not disappoint when it launched the FZ Version 2.0 earlier this week in the country. The new FZ and FZ-S Version 2.0 adopt significant changes not only to the design, but gets a smaller engine with fuel injection technology, lending a fresh new look and appeal to the 150cc segment bike.

However instead of discontinuing the old model as per the norm, Yamaha has chosen to sell both the old and new FZ motorcycles with a marginal price difference, distinguishing both the models from each other. The company stated that it was giving the customers a choice to buy whichever product suits their budget; however, with a smaller engine and a reduced power output, does the FZ Version 2.0 seem disappointing compared to the older version?

The FZ FI 2.0 and FZ-S FI 2.0 are priced at Rs. 76,250/- and Rs. 78,250/- (ex-showroom, Delhi) respectively, while the older version is around Rs. 5300/- cheaper at around Rs. 70,950/-. However, for the extra amount you get a completely new striking design, better decals and the inclusion of fuel injection technology, a first on a mass market bike. The engine however has been re-bored and the displacement has been reduced from 153cc to 149cc. While done in the interest of fuel efficiency, the bike loses power by 1 PS and now makes 13.1 PS and 12.8 Nm of torque.

So for the extra amount over the older FZ motorcycle, you actually get less than the older model, in terms of output. While the inclusion of Fuel Injection system is a huge welcome, the FZ aficionados have not been too happy with the power and torque figures. However, Yamaha does say that there is no loss in power and the acceleration figures are in fact better than the older model. While the FZ 2.0 may lack top end power, the engine is smoother than before and the fuelling is refined throughout the rev band.

Moreover, the new Yamaha FZ is also lighter than the older model by 3 kgs, compensating for the loss in power. Yamaha claims that the acceleration is quicker than before, with no stress felt on the top end. The company has incorporated the new Blue Core technology which is designed to extract maximum performance and fuel economy and has resulted in a claimed improvement of 14 percent in fuel efficiency over the older model. It has also made the bike more eco-friendly as the new FZ now exceeds BS4 emission norms. Yamaha has also solved the tyre puncture problems on the bike by using a new compound that also improves grip.

So despite you are paying more for less power, the Yamaha FZ FI 2.0 has a lot more to offer than just a power downgrade. The engine maintains the Japanese characteristics and is as sweet to the ears as ever. Another factor to be considered is that the new FZ is now the lightest bike in its class and with its superb handling and dynamics, it will easily be able to keep up with other 150cc bikes in the segment.

So has your wait for a better Yamaha FZ been worth it? Well, certainly yes! Look beyond the power figures and the FZ FI 2.0 has a lot more to offer. While it may look dull on paper, the bike is technology rich and the loss in power does not truly translate in real world riding conditions. If you are in the mood for a feature rich bike with lean and sharp styling, the FZ 2.0 is certainly where you should put your money. You can check out our first ride impressions HERE.

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